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Backyard Philanthropy

Barefoot Gypsy Boutique all about promoting a healthy and adventurous lifestyle. We believe in not staying in one place too long, as gypsies never do, and to always do good, wherever you are.

Here at Barefoot Gypsy, we believe in what we call Backyard Philanthropy. This is going out into your own neighborhoods and, not only doing community service, but also being an advocate for it. Whether you're feeding the hungry, contributing to food drives, working with animal shelters, or donating to your local 2nd-hand store, the list goes on and on. We believe helping others helps ourselves.

In order to give back and be a positive contribution in our communities, we must in-turn keep ourselves healthy through physical activity. Barefoot Gypsy takes great pride in making clothing that is positive, inspirational and, above all, comfortable for whatever the day throws your way. We love the fact that with our clothing you can go for a jog, practice yoga, Zumba or whatever your favorite way to break a sweat is, and easily carry on as you work, play and volunteer throughout your day.

We invite you to get more involved in your communities and share your stories, pictures and inspiration with us as we, together, work on creating healthier lives for ourselves and everyone around us. A portion of our profits from our 'Barefoot Gypsy' Brand purchases and "Backyard Philanthropy Community Days" will benefit different communities across the Nation!

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+ to get involved in our "Backyard Philanthropy Community Days". On these certain days throughout the year, we all get involved in our community doing different things across the Nation and share our stories.

A Gypsy Soul is a free spirit
not confined to one place or stifled by one idea.